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+++ IMPORTANT +++ Additional learning space from the 11 February 2019

Due to the tense situation throughout the exam season, the KIT will be providing additional learning space from Febrary til April 2019. Detailed information in German (PDF)

Seatfinder list

Current occupancy of study and working spaces (single study spaces)


Locatian and Area Occupied | Free Open**
Logo KIT KIT-Bibliothek Süd and KIT-Bibliothek Nord
 Lesesaal* Geisteswissenschaften
3. floor, new building
 Lesesaal*  Medienzentrum
3. floor, old building
 Lesesaal* Technik
2. floor, new building
 Lesesaal* Naturwissenschaften
2. floor, old building
 Lesesaal* Wiwi und Informatik
1. floor, new building
Ground floor/1. floor, old building
 KIT-Bibliothek Nord
Logo KITKIT-Campus Süd: Subject libraries and other facilities
 Fachbibliothek Chemie
 Fachbibliothek Physik
 Lernzentrum am
 Fachbibliothek Architektur
 Fachbibliothek Informatik
 Fachbibliothek Mathematik
 Fachbibliothek Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Logo KarlsruheKarlsruhe: Other libraries and facilitiesn
 Fachbibliothek HsKA
 Fachbibliothek DHBW Karlsruhe
 Badische Landesbibliothek
 Badische Landesbibliothek

Grafik Occupied   Grafik Free   Grafik Closed   Grafik No details

(▷)▷/(◁)◁ (rapidly) increasing/decreasing occupancy  24/7 Open daily 24 hours

*    Lesesaal = Reading room; Lehrbuchsammlung = Textbook collection.
**  The opening hours indicated are valid for today and for the next 6 days.
*** Please regard: Access before 4:30 pm with your KIT-Card and identity card (detailed information on access to Campus North).