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HKA publication fund

Information on support of open access publishing at HKA through the funding programme "BW-BigDIWA" of the Baden-Württemberg State Ministry for Science, Research, and the Arts
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WappenAs part of the MWK (Baden-Württemberg State Ministry for Science, Research, and the Arts) funding programme „BW-BigDIWA - Wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken gestalten den digitalen Wandel“ (BW-BigDIWA – Scientific Libraries Shaping the Digital Revolution), funds are made available for Open Access publications by universities in Baden-Württemberg. The funding line is limited until 30.06.2022. The funds are administered by the office of the Baden-Württemberg Consortium at the Freiburg University Library.

Funding requirements

The following funding requirements have to be met:

  • The "submitting author" or "corresponding author" is a member of the HKA.
  • The publication is issued in a pure OA journal that is peer-reviewed. These journals are listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).
  • The article fee amounts to a maximum of EUR 2,000 (incl. VAT). Of these, 50% are financed from the MWK fund, and 50% by the university.
  • Parallel funding from third-party funds, e.g. within a project, is excluded.
  • The invoice is to be addressed to the office of the consortium:

Invoice address:
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Geschäftsstelle des Konsortiums Baden-Württemberg
Platz der Universität 2
79098 Freiburg
Value added tax identification number (VAT-ID) of Universität Freiburg:

As required by the MWK, all universities, whose authors wish to use funds from the publication fund, have to adopt an Open Access policy.

Informations on specific publishers

To support HKA authors financially, several institutional memberships have been established. Here you can find further information.

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SAGE Publishing

Corresponding HKA authors receive a 20% discount on publication fees in the almost 200 genuine Open Access journals of SAGE Publishing. In order to claim the discount, you as the corresponding author need a discount code, which must be entered before the invoice is requested. For the publication year 2020 the code is DFG2020OA.

Requesting the discount after billing will not be accepted by SAGE Publishing.


The DEAL contract with Wiley Publishers covers the time frame from 2019 to 2021. It consists of the two agreements "Wiley Online Open" and "Wiley Open Access". Please click here for further information on both options. Generally the article should be published under the licence CC-BY which allows you to keep your author rights. If you can choose from different licences KIT Library suggests you choose CC-BY. During the submission process please indicate your affilitation to HKA and quote the Account Code D402.

  • Wiley Online Open:
    Within the scope of the DEAL contract with Wiley Publishers “Primary Research Articles” and “Review Articles” by HKA authors (submitting/corresponding authors) in Wiley subscription journals are published open access. ("Wiley Online Open").
  • Wiley Open Access:
    HKA authors (submitting/corresponding authors) receive a 20% discount for APCs in genuine open access journals. The APCs can be funded through HKA Publication Fund.

Wiley journals that are not part of the DEAL contract can be found here.


The office of the Baden-Württemberg consortium makes available a PDF form for the author to enter the information on the article. Send the completed form to the Fachbibliothek HKA (EMail: fbh∂

Application form (PDF, in German only)

If the funding requirements are met, the author will receive the funding approval. At the same time, it has to be ensured that the university bears the remaining amount. The invoice is paid completely by the office. The university’s share is charged to the respective university in an annual invoice.

Contact and further information