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How to open an account - Guest users

Guest users can open a library account at KIT Library and register for a library card. Here you will find all necessary information on how to register.


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What do I need a library card for?

A library card is required for ...

  • borrowing books and other items at KIT Library,
  • access to licensed electronic resources at the stationary internet pcs in our reading rooms (no remote access possible!),
  • access to KIT-Bibliothek Süd outside our service hours.
How/where can I register for a library card? What are the costs? Are there alternatives?
  • The library card costs a one-time fee of 15 Euro.
  • It is only issued in-person at the library.
  • Valid student cards of the University of Education Karlsruhe and valid library cards of Badische Landesbibliothek (Baden State Library) or Stadtbibliothek Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe Public Library) can be registered for free. If you possess one of these cards, please provide them at registration.
  • In any case you have to fill out the online registration form for guest users (see below).
  • Please note: In some cases, activation of the card might be carried out on the next working day!
What documents are required to get a library card?
  • A valid official ID (identification card, residence title, passport) is required for registration.
  • If your ID doesn’t include a German address, a confirmation of residency (not older than six months) from the residents’ registration office is needed.
  • Persons under the age of 18 need a consent form signed by their legal custodian.
Which services of KIT-Bibliothek Süd can I use without a library card?
  • During service hours you can access KIT-Bibliothek Süd without a library card.
  • During these times you can also use our freely accessible collections within the library.
  • By accessing the library building you acknowledge our terms of use.


Registration form for guest users