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How to publish

All details on publishing in KITopen.
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Similar to reporting publications, there are two options for publishing in KITopen:

Notification by email

Detailed information about notification by email

Please send the bibliographic data informally by email to the KITopen team. If you wish to publish the PDF version of your article or research data (primary and secondary publication), then please upload these yourself. For further information on this please refer to our video tutorial "Veröffentlichung von Volltexten im Repository KITopen".
  • Please enter the PoF structure and performance category if the respective publication is part of an HGF program.
  • The KIT Library validates the bibliographic data and completes the publication with the references of Web of Science and Scopus.
  • KIT library will support you in working out the relevant legal requirements for publication of your manuscript.

  Manual entry in the KITopen data recording & publication

Detailed information about manual entry in the KITopen data recording & publication

Enter the bibliographic data of your publication in the KITopen data recording & publication and upload the PDF file or research data there.
  • Register in KITopen with your KIT account.
  • Enter the bibliographic data of your publication
  • Give the KIT Library the publication permission (granting the none-exclusive right of use to KIT).
  • Upload the file of your desired publication.
  • Confirm that you want to publish by “Neueingabe speichern” (save new entry).
  • The KIT Library validates the bibliographic data, completes the publication with the references of Web of Science and Scopus, and releases the publication in KITopen.

Note on compulsory registration for publications at KIT

All scientific publications that have been written in connection with KIT are to be documented and presented in a uniform manner. The basis for compulsory registration is the Presidential Circular Letter "Meldung von Veröffentlichungen am KIT". Basic information and information on implementation can be found on the page "Informationen zur Meldung von Veröffentlichungen am KIT".

Note on publishing a doctoral thesis

If you wish to publish your doctoral thesis in KITopen, please limit yourself to using the separate doctoral thesis publishing procedure.

Note on publishing teaching materials or audio and video files

To publish teaching materials or audio and video files use the   "KITopen data recording & publication" tool. For instructions on publishing audio and video files click here.

Note on publishing in the publication series “KIT Scientific Working Papers”

Research reports by KIT scientists can be published in the interdisciplinary publication series “KIT Scientific Working Papers” in KITopen.

Requesting publication in the “KIT Scientific Working Papers”

  • Procedure
    • Place a request for publication in the series KIT Scientific Working Papers with the KITopen team.
    • You will receive Word templates for the framework pages (title page, imprint, back side) of your publication and a volume number.
    • Please insert the framework pages into your publication and save it as a PDF document.
    • Submit your publication by email or via the KITopen data recording & publication. Choose “research report” as document type in the KITopen data recording.
    • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) acts as the editor for any individual publication within the KIT Scientific Working Papers series.
  • Characteristics of KIT Scientific Working Papers
    • Standardized KIT layout
    • Numbered publication series including ISSN
    • A citable persistent identifier (DOI) is assigned to each volume
    • Creative Commons license CC BY-SA

List of published KIT Scientific Working Papers so far

Notes regarding publishing: licences in KITopen

KITopen will display the conditions for every publication regarding reuse via the appropriate licences. For a transparent use of your publication we recommend the allocation of a free licence. If you don`t want to use a free licence (or maybe you can’t) the KITopen licence will apply.
Information on KITopen licence

The present work can be freely provided on the Internet by the KIT Library. The use is exclusively for scientific purposes and for personal use. The author has the copyright for his works. The author is solely responsible for the content. All forms of commercial use and modification of the publication are expressly forbidden without prior consent and consultation with the authors unless the publication has a creative-commons licence or a comparable licence. The names of the authors must always be mentioned. Users are responsible for compliance with the law and may be held liable for misuse.

Notes regarding the publication of research data

According to the KITopen is part of the KIT research data management policy, handling research data responsibly is an important factor for the confirmability of research findings. As a central infrastructure service at the KIT, KITopen also provides a research data platform for KIT employees and permits recording of research data.
Detailed information

  • KITopen is part of the Serviceteam RDM∂KIT. For this purpose KITopen ccoperates with the KITopenData service and the SCC.
  • Research data from projects of all disciplines and data types can be published for free in KITopen. They should be final and edited for the purposes of confirmability and subsequent use. Their origin and usage has to be described by relevant metadata.
  • The producers of research data themselves are responsible for the contents. Compliance of relevant data protection directives is regulated by the terms of use for KITopenData. Larger volumes of data (> 100GB) are published following consultation with the KIT Library.
  • Research datasets are assigned a citable persistent identifier (DOI) and are published under an open access license. On request an embargo period can be arranged, within which only selected users have access to the research data.
  • KIT Library retains the stored research data for a minimum period of 10 years. During the upload process a validation is carried out, which includes feedback on the potential for digital preservation of the submitted research data, based on recommendations by Cornell University and the Library of Congress.
  • Research data can be uploaded with the dissertation or later on, directly in KITopen.


  • Please do not hesitate to contact the KITopen team should you have questions on the use of KITopen data recording & publication or if you want to enter a large number of publications (e.g. when changing over to KIT).
  • If you want to make available your existing publication as secondary publication in KITopen, the KITopen team will check up on existing legal conditions for secondary publications.

Contact and further information