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Legal information and fees

Legal basis for library use, and main fees
Foto Rechtliches und GebührenKIT



Main legal principles


Other rules and regulations

Main fees

Use of the KIT Library and loans are free. Fees are charged for reminders and special services only. The main fees are listed below:

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Library card
Fee for issuing of library card for one private person: 15.00 euros
Reminder charges
Reminders after expiry of loan period. Reminder charges will be charged to your library account and must be paid without delay.
  • 1st reminder: 1.50 euros per unit lent (volume, issue, etc.)
  • 2nd reminder: 5.00 euros extra per unit lent (volume, issue, etc.)
  • 3rd and all further reminders: 10.00 euros extra per unit lent (volume, issue, etc.)
Delay fees
Delay fees for short-term loans from subject libraries that are not returned in time:
  • 3.00 euros
  • For each further commenced day, another 3.00 euros per item lent
Reminder charges for delayed return of storage containers
  • 1st reminder: 5.00 euros
  • 2nd reminder: 10.00 euros extra
  • 3rd reminder: 20.00 euros extra
Delay fees for locker use
Lockers must not be used longer than:
  • KIT-Bibliothek Süd: 24 hours
  • Lernzentrum am Fasanenschlösschen: 48 hours
  • Fachbibliothek HKA: 2 weeks
Delay fees must be paid if used longer:
  • Delay up to 2 days: 5.00 euros
  • Delay up to 7 days: 10.00 euros
  • Delay up to 21 days: 20.00 euros
  • Delay more than 21 days: 40.00 euros
Fees in the case of loss or damage
  • Library card: 15.00 euros
  • Book: Full replacement price or repair cost in addition to a service fee of 20.00 euros per item (volume, issue, etc.)
Notification per email is free of charge. Notification per mail is 0.90 euros postage, which will be charged to your library account.
Interlibrary loan
  • For each interlibrary loan (book or copies up to 20 pages): 1.50 euros.
    Fees will be covered by the KIT library if you are an employee of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) or Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HKA).
  • The cost of further copies will be charged by the lending library. Additional expenditures for special delivery modes (e.g. value insurance, registered mail) will be charged as well and must be paid by you.
  • In the case of international loans, the person who orders items bears all costs.

Payment of fees

  • Fees are paid at pay stations using your library card.
  • The KIT-Card or library card are recharged at a cash-to-card machine. A cash-to-card machine (EC card payment) is located at KIT Bibliothek Süd, ground floor, new building.


Location Payment options Further information
KIT-Bibliothek Süd Pay stations
(ground floor, new building)
Independent payment anytime
KIT-Bibliothek Nord Pay station
(ground floor)
Independent payment during opening hours
Fachbibliothek HKA Pay station Independent payment during opening hours
Fachbibliothek DHBW Karlsruhe Pay station Independent payment during opening hours

KIT Library bank account

IBAN: DE44 6005 0101 7495 5001 49

   Reason for payment: Please enter the number of your library card as reason for payment.

Contact and further information