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SciFindern is the world's largest chemistry database and is offered by the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS).

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General information and registration

To use Scifindern you must first register at CAS and enter a valid e-mail address. You can freely choose your login name and password.

  •   When registering, you must enter an e-mail address. Only e-mail addresses for the domain "" are currently permitted!
  • You can only register with one account. If you change from a <uxxx> address to a <ab1234> address , you must update your account at CAS.
  • After registration, you can log in to Scifinder.n
  • You can find more information here.

Technical information

  • To use the search function for structural formulas and reactions, the browser plug-in "Java Runtime Environment JRE" must be installed.
  • Use is only possible in the KIT network.

Search information

Relevant search terms can only be selected with a clear technical understanding of the search topic. A certain familiarity with the topic is essential for formulating the search question.

  • Break down the topic into seperate components (main ideas).
  • Separate these terms using suitable prepositions (of, in, with, by).
  • Avoid using groups of words unless you are sure that the terms should only appear as an exact phrase (as entered).
  • Omit redundant and general terms, e.g. control, analysis, determination, examination, test, detection, search study.
    Instead of steroid analysis with hplc better use hplc of steroids
  • Search for a maximum of five terms at the same time.

Guidance and training material

Training material on the use of SciFindern can be found here:

Contact and further information